My path since 1997 has been in the field of body/mind/spirit/soul work as a Licensed Massage Therapist and as a massage therapy educator. The work is deeply influenced by my personal journey and professional training as a Reiki teacher, shamanic journey guide, subtle energy intuitive, connection catalyst, and subconscious transformation facilitator.

When we work together in healing potential it is truly a co-creative process of listening and exploring our capacity for choice. The offerings of services provide for a recipe to match your goals: a single session, a series of sessions, one major goal within a series of sessions or a few goals within a single session. Creation possibilities are infinite for any aspect of life. 

Together we create sacred space where your wisdom can be heard and your life can expand to reach its fullness.  It is a place where you can choose to step through the luminous doorway. 

Feel free to connect with questions and to schedule a consultation where we can talk about your goals and how the work can support you.