All sessions are currently offered via phone or video meeting platform.

The intention of each service is to assist you in your journey to wholeness. Each approach is valuable in its integrity of facilitating transformation. With an initial consultation we can get to know one another and create a plan that will best meet your goals.


Beyond Affirmations, Will Power, and Positive Thinking

PSYCH-K® is a non-invasive and effective way to shift limiting beliefs allowing you to step into the Fullness of your Life. Many people begin to experience real changes after one session.

Eagle Flying


Modern Day Hut Work

Hut Work comes from the connection to my Ancestors' ways of working with energy and the body. It is a combination of various methods and/or guided journeys that my daughter coined as "freestyle".   The session is led by the guidance of our connection and goal intentions.



Shamanic Journey Experiences

Shamanic journey has been used throughout the ages for social and personal healing. The sonic drive of the drum supports the journey through facilitating specific brain states that allow an experiential passing of information to the journeyer.  The process includes the journey, time to document through writing, and exploration of meaning through verbal connection to your experience.



Exploring Your Personal Relationship with the Seasons

When we step into the summer season more deeply, we can allow the fire of summer to release what we are ready to transmute and give space to new creations that align with our True Joy. Through curious observation we identify the path to walk that leads to a place of nurturing and transformation of the things you want to change. We can then learn new ways to embody and express your heart’s desires. We will have fun creating space for deep and lasting change in your life!

Image by Mohamed Nohassi