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Wholeness and Healing Empowered

Within the brain there is a connection between the right brain and the left brain called the corpus callosum. When reaching a whole brain state this connection is activated. Through my journey in PSYCH-K® and shamanic work I became acutely aware that liminal space, thresholds, the void, and corpus callosum all have the core of transformation in common.  They are connectors and in connection they are in relationship with where we come from and where we are going. They all hold the innermost sacred space where individual wisdom can be revealed.

They are the doorways to our healing and wholeness.

The Luminous Door is that threshold. It holds the inner light that comes from the potential and the possibilities of connecting to another part of oursleves. All we have to do is open the door with curiosity and walk through.

It is my honor to facilitate sacred space and be a guide for you to open the luminous door through connection with your inner wisdom.