Exploring Wholeness

Luminous Door is me, Teresa Geoghegan Brown AND

Luminous Door is we, you and all the seen and unseen support that has brought me and you to this moment.

Let's take a small journey into the space between our ears. Within the brain, there is a bundle of nerve tissue that connects the right hemisphere to the left hemisphere like a telephone wire. It is called the corpus callosum. This cord of connection allows each side of the brain to share information with the other creating a perspective that benefits from the whole picture, micro and macro. This may be called a whole brain state. It is through achieving this state that daily activities gain new meaning and difficult challenges connect new dots. This is a great place to function from, yet, experiences, patterns and beliefs might disconnect the call from one side or the other. Sometimes this disconnect is necessary and in perfect time re-connection can facilitate healing and wholeness.

Through my personal and professional journey in PSYCH-K®, intuitive living, journey work, ancestral work, somatic work ( that's a lot of work!) and beyond I became acutely aware that the corpus callosum, liminal space, thresholds, gate keepers, and doorways have something in common, their core is transformation. They are connectors. They are the relationship between where we come from and where we are going.

They are the PRESENT MOMENT of transformation.

The luminous doorways of our healing and wholeness.

Luminous Door offers :

  •  One on One sessions - Explore with Teresa in a 1:1 session or series designed to explore, make connections, create, and transform energy and beliefs to help you meet your personal and/or professional goals in any aspect of your life and work.

  • Deep Bow and Now Engagements- Group gatherings at the time of solstices, equinoxes and new/full moons. We honor where we have come from and create space for what is next.

  • Embracing the Seasons-  3-month season based collaborative process of sinking into the support of the season to facilitate personal/professional growth or project.

  • GUMPTION Method- A versatile approach to connecting with your body, energy and truth to gain clarity and inspiration.

  • Community - Online connections during the flow of these changing times. It is my intention to plan in person events in perfect timing.



My career path since 1997 has been in the sphere of body/mind/spirit/soul work as a Licensed Massage Therapist and as a massage therapy educator. In my early years as a LMT I studied a variety of modalities including Reiki, Healing Touch, Crainosacral Therapy, pregnancy massage, various somatic soft tissue therapies, and thai-yoga bodywork. I was influenced by and deeply appreciated the compassionate touch of Rosen Method, the playfulness of Trager and the curious exploration of Feldenkrais Method. I spent the first 10  years in an ebb and flow between a massage therapy practice, caring for infants (two amazing families, two amazing sets of twins), working with The Massage Institute of Memphis (my alma mater. love.), studying with local midwives, and teaching infant massage. In 2008, my world slowed to a pause as we expanded our family by two children, 2 years apart (surprisingly not twins).

In 2020, I, like many others, was tossed into the depths of exploring the unknown and in 2021 I began emerging ready to rebuild. Steeped in a career of health and wellness as a massage therapist and a massage therapy educator. In the recent past, I had become aware that my passion was actually in supporting the transformative process of students as they began to learn more about themselves. In 2020, that awareness began calling in new ways as everything slowed down and I continued on a journey exploring this deepened desire.

I have lived most of my life with a feeling of deep connection to where I am, who I am and what I am doing.

Step by step, curiously uncovering the next layer of knowing who I have been and who I am becoming. At this moment in my life, I am again in new relationship with what I value and am devoted to living into those values of BEING IN ACTION

What do I value?

My values include a deep respect and humility for:

the sacred relationship with DIVINE PROCESS,

embracing and inspiring WHOLENESS,

the flow of NATURAL RHYTHMS and

exploring my capacity in the PRESENT MOMENT.

I bring my values of Being in Action into my work + life.

Feel free to connect with questions and to schedule a consultation where we can talk about your goals and how the work can support you.