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The Moment Before

At the first Fireside Connection I shared this story that I had written as a place to sink in to a moment. I invite you to read it slowly, two times and see what it conjures for you.

Let us open to the ancestors, the ancients, all of our relations walking through time with us as we walk to the beginning.

The void.

The nothing.

The darkness held no light.

The light did not know darkness.

The darkness did not know darkness.

There was nothing beyond nothing.

Then the cosmic spark- the moment that nothingness… the void….

Chose to become something.

Chose to create.

Chose to choose.

The void became.

Even if the process of becoming took eons.

There was a moment.

A singular moment

where nothing became something.

When we step into the deep spaces of ourselves and find the place between nothingness and something-ness, what do we find?

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