Image by James Lee

Luminous Door

Within the dark stretches of chaos and the unknown,

where uncertainty and fear often override the senses

There is a space.

Full of nothingness,

Full of possibility

Full potential.

How do I connect to that space?

From within the darkness of emptiness nothingness seems overwhelming.

I freeze

I run

I turn back and prepare for the fight.

Then I sense the breath.

In the space of nothingness my sight adjusts to the darkness.

My legs propelled by a different part of my self move with intentional direction.

I know that my feet are landing, supporting this forward momentum but landing on what I know not.

And somewhere in this void I see a glowing light illuminating the edges of a door.

As I approach it opens and I step.

The darkness that I am in and the luminance from the other side connect.

I am in the threshold.

I release and reclaim.

I am the breath.

I am the space of all that is and all that is not.

In peace and enlightenment, I am infinite possibility.

I choose to step through the luminous door of new awareness




Teresa Geoghegan Brown