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The Present

This season has found me Being in the place Before. The place before creation, the place before now, essentially..the past. The beginning is Now, the creation is Now. As a wise meditation app pinged me the other day, "The beginning is always this present moment." Couldn't have been more timely.

The bridge from Before to Now is the transformation, the light switch to the present moment. This is what I saw today walking across the bridge to the present moment from my place of before. They work together, the past, and the future with the present. The Present is always the Beginning. The Past gives us opportunity to learn and allows access to what the present moment's potential is from the learned perspective of having been. I am choosing not to speak on the future at the moment because I am sinking into this relationship with Before and Present.

So, it is from this place in Before that I acknowledge it's potent potential in catalytic energy and function and I walk the bridge to the Present.

I am Here. Ready. Being. Being in action and present.

Infinite. Absolute. Love is present. I am present.

This is my 12/20/2020 reflection. In the moment of Winter Solstice and all the glory of the cosmic events that are occurring.

I AM absolute love.

I AM love absolute.


all encompassing

all knowing


I AM not borders or conditions.

I permeate boundaries and communicate to all I reach their true essence.

I AM full, safe and healing. I AM whole, the all of everything and the all of nothing.

Reconnecting what was once connected, Before.

I AM now. The present is now.

I AM love in its purest form.

Forged from the beginning - the now-

united with elements to create the forms that are various realities.

To express, to experience ,to find Gratitude in all that is.

To understand relationship of all that is.

And all is connected.

I AM love connected to all that is because I AM all that is.


all knowing

all encompassing


I AM love absolute.

I AM absolute love.

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